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Tufts Center for Engineering Education Outreach
ABOUT: The CEEO is dedicated to improving engineering education in the classroom; from Kindergarten to college. The research program is aimed at understanding how kids and adults learn engineering. This research informs the development of various educational tools as members of the CEEO collaborate with a number of companies to bring these tools into the classroom.


WHAT I DO: All of the projects talked about in this section can be found here. The CEEO has an iPad app, "Design Keeper" which serves as an engineering notebooking tool. My first project was to come up with a way for students who didn't have access to an iPad to still have the ability to get the benefits of the app. I decided to redesign the app to function on Google Slides because it is free with an internet connection. Moreover, many schools have taken the initiative to bring computers into the classroom.

         My second project was to develop wireframes for a website that would interact with the lab's iPad app, "Design Keeper." The purpose of this website was to collect information from the app and store it in one location as opposed to having teachers look at each student's iPad to access their work. I came up with ideas for structuring these wireframes by listening to the feedback teachers gave about their experiences using the app with their students.

          Another project I am currently working on is making an iPhone version of the lab's existing app, "Design Keeper." I have been using the software, "Thunkable" to code this iPhone version so that it can be tested. The purpose of this is to create a medium-fidelity prototype for testing before investments are made into developing a fully functioning app. 

Tufts Applied Cognition Lab
ABOUT: The Tufts Applied Cognition Lab (TACL) was established in 2016 by Dr. Nathan Ward in the Department of Psychology at Tufts University. The goal of the lab is to investigate the underlying mechanisms of cognition, with a particular interest in multitasking, and whether cognition can be altered through the use of brain stimulation and other interventions.


WHAT I DO: I'm an undergraduate research assistant at TACL. I'm currently on the team conducting research with the driving simulator. I run human subjects through experimental procedures while they are driving in the simulator. Then I use the software Annotator to code some of the data produced during the study. 

        Another area of focus for me in the lab is Website Management and Design. I use HTML and Google APIs in Wordpress to add features to the lab's website which can be found here. I also perform heuristic reviews of sites affiliated with the lab to suggest stylistic edits. Lastly, I create infographics for lab events using Illustrator and Canva. 

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