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Process Step 4: Launch

My first in designing the help center for Iron Mountain Insight was trying to understand who/what I was designing for. I learned about Iron Mountain as a brand and the goals of its product InSight. I also inquired about the types of customers that would be using InSight.

In short, InSight is a Content Services Platform that used Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to automatically organize, locate and extract, and enrich physical and digital content.

With InSight, users can:

  • Ingest and process physical and digital information from internal and external sources

  • Add metadata to the physical and digital information that is ingested and processed

  • Learn about new relationships between assets

  • Increase the efficiency of your highly skilled resources through self-learning ML/AI based processing

  • Intelligently view and interpret information to initiate appropriate actions

  • Organize large volumes of data to let you know what you have, and access it when you need it

Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 5.35.50 PM.png
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