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August Mobile App

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 7.04.58 PM.png
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August is a Smart Lock company that was looking to develop an initial user interface concept for an app that would control its flagship smart lock, the Smart Lock Elite. The user can see whether the door is locked or unlocked, see when the door is open versus closed, see if and control whether the lock is in auto-lock/unlock mode, instantaneously lock or unlock the door remotely, view a live video feed from the device’s camera, grant secure access to family and friends, view a history of all activity, and be notified when an event occurs (video detects someone, lock is tampered with). This was an assignment for the Tufts University Class, Web Interface Design--ENP 166. 



Wireframing in Sketch

Illustrating in Adobe Illustrator

Paper Prototyping


UX/UI Designer

Concept Developer


High Fidelity Prototype

Initial Steps: 
Initial Steps Sketch

After reading the specifications that the client was looking for, I began grouping the required features into categories. I developed four categories and associated an icon with each. Then I starting browsing Dribble for visual inspiration. After that, I began to create rough sketches for the screens before I began prototyping in Sketch.   



Next, I created 6 wireframes to communicate my vision for the mobile app.

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