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I'm a graduate of the Tufts University Human Factors Engineering program, and I'm an experienced Usability Engineer, UX Designer, and Visual Artist. Tufts University has also recognized me for my commitment to Studio Art.


I've always had a passion for human-center design, which helps me find creative and efficient solutions to design problems. As a Usability Engineer, my goals include making things easier to use and more enjoyable to use.


I think my interest in design stems from me being left-handed. From a young age, I was always experiencing the "lefty" struggles and thinking, "this would be so much easier to use if this one detail were changed."


Currently, I'm working as a Usability Engineer at TriNet to help make their products more user-friendly. I also lead the Mobile Visual Design at Pago to ensure that the app is intuitive and has a fun and playful feel to it. 


Illustrated by me :)

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